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“Killer courses” in distance education (#OMDE)

Studying through distance education (DE) is, for many students, like entering a minefield. Whether it is studying on their own, or encountering unexpected difficulties in courses or balancing work, studies and personal lives, DE remains a challenge for most students. … Continue reading

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The question of “fit” in distance education (#OMDE)

Most higher education institutions have elaborate admission requirements aimed to ensure, inter alia, that only the most worthy students get the opportunity to enrol. Distance education (DE) has, since its early days, boasted that it provides educational opportunities for those … Continue reading

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Going open in a cannibalistic world (#OMDE)

It was one of those conversations that left me uneasy and disturbed. The point of discussion was to what extent opening resources in distance education is viable, achievable and desirable in a highly competitive higher education landscape. To what extent … Continue reading

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Openness as counter-narrative (#OMDE)

Higher education throughout the ages was always shaped by political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal frameworks. Often faculty long for a time when no-one meddled in what and how they taught, but also forget how and what they taught … Continue reading

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Open teaching (#OMDE)

As more and more distance education and traditional brick-and-mortar institutions explore and embrace ‘open learning’; a lot is being written on opening access, open curricula, open assessment and open accreditation.  Less is written on the impact of open learning on … Continue reading

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