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Students’ role in learning analytics: From data-objects to collaborators

Image credit: In most of the discourses on learning analytics students and their data are seen as mere data-points or data-objects and recipients of services. Student data are the source for many hours of enjoyment as data analysts, educators, … Continue reading

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Of heresies, heretics, and the (im)possibility of hope in higher education

 Detail: Bucher Boys (1985/86) by Jane Alexander  Abandon all hope, ye who enter here (Inferno, Dante)  Amidst the absolute horror, fear and nausea triggered by events such as the recent attacks in #Beirut, #Paris and #Mali, and the continued sponsored … Continue reading

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And then everything turned to beige… The quantified academic in an age of academic precarity

[It almost feels obscene not to reflect on the events in #Beirut #Paris #Yemen (the list is endless). I am, however, permanently nauseous, speechless and saturated with claims and counter-claims and the increasing evidence that the events of the last … Continue reading

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Troubling open education: from ‘Fauxpen’ to open

The third keynote at the recently held ICDE2015 conference was Laura Czerniewicz, one of the most critical and informed scholars in higher education on the African continent, and a critical voice in international higher education, knowledge production and dissemination. The … Continue reading

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Resisting techno-solutionism, resisting the Pied Piper, reclaiming the story: A personal reflection on Audrey Watter’s keynote at ICDE2015

Listening to Audrey Watters at the recently held ICDE2015 in which she provided a radical and critical interrogation of the Silicon Valley narrative, I could not help but think about the legend/myth of the Pied Piper. It is said that … Continue reading

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