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What I heard, what I did not hear and what I wish I had heard… Reflections on the World Conference on Online Learning, Toronto, 2017

Recently I’ve had the privilege of attending the World Conference on Online Learning in Toronto, organized and hosted by Contact North I Contact Nord. What a conference it was! At times, it resembled a medieval marketplace or bazaar with a … Continue reading

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Making sense of access: Access to what? At what cost? For whom?

The last two weeks have been momentous in the context of thinking about access to (higher) education, the cost of access and who benefits the most from having access. On 14 October 2015 Tressie McMillan Cottom delivered the first keynote at … Continue reading

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Designing hope: Some ramblings and personal reflections on ICDE2015

I write this blog not firstly as Scientific Chair of the recent ICDE2015 that was hosted by University of South Africa (Unisa), but as a participant observer, a player, a small node in the broader contexts of weak and strong … Continue reading

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Kangaroo courts on student success in distance education

It is that time of the year again when students’ examination results are scrutinized and various investigations held to determine not necessarily why students failed, but more importantly, who can we held accountable for the state of affairs. Mostly, (however … Continue reading

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Silence as counter-narrative in higher, open, distance and e-learning

At the start of 2014 it is important to claim a space in the blogosphere by making predictions for 2014 or analysing the trends in 2013. Writing a blog on being silent or ‘pausing’ is therefore most probably strange (or … Continue reading

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Being tongue-tied and speechless in higher education: implications for notions of (il)literacy #metaliteracy

In an earlier blog this year I shared my belief that I blog not because I necessarily want to or have extra time on my hands, but that I really feel compelled to blog. To stop blogging was, at that … Continue reading

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2013 – An African making sense of signals and noise in higher and distance education (#etmooc)

Disclaimer: I write this overview of some of the challenges facing higher and distance education in Africa in 2013, from the specific context of my location in South Africa. I cannot, however, speak on behalf of Africa. Even my identity … Continue reading

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