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Bubble bubble toil and trouble: Unravelling bottom-up/top-down approaches to institutional change (#change11)

We are 7 weeks into and every week I try to make sense of how open, distance and e-learning institutions in the developing world can and should respond to the different challenges and opportunities of a networked, connected, increasingly … Continue reading

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Using technologies in ODL: Transforming or enhancing teaching and learning? (#change11)

During a recent Elluminate session by Tony Bates (, he posed the interesting question whether technologies are currently used to enhance rather than transform teaching and learning? In reflecting on his question, I felt, at times, as if I was … Continue reading

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Going open – some reflections on the implications of ‘open content’

This reflection was prompted by an essay by David Wiley in (#change11). I cannot and do not want to claim that what I am about to share is ‘true’ for all open, distance and e-learning institutions. I do furthermore … Continue reading

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Making sense of collective/connective learning – the plot thickens (#change11)

Somehow the notion of collective/connective learning (#change11) does not want to let me go. I attended (however briefly) an Elluminate session today with Allison Littlejohn as part of On the bus back home the following question remained with me: … Continue reading

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Collective and connected learning: implications for open, distance and e-learning

In a position paper by Allison Littlejohn on “Connected knowledge, collective learning” (#change11), she states that “… real-world problems are now too complex to be solved by a single person” and that we therefore have to look for collective solutions. … Continue reading

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