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The Ni-Ni generation: thoughts on the purpose of higher education (#CFHE12)

Can higher education change the future social stratification of society or will higher education continue to duplicate and perpetuate inequality? Should we hold higher education accountable for decreasing existing and future inequalities? With increasing numbers of graduates finding themselves joining … Continue reading

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In the antechamber of hope: Higher and distance education and (un)employment (#CFHE12)

There are different reasons why people hope. Many people believe that there is a reason why things happen, or that things will work out fine. This group most probably overlaps with another group who believes that the future will be … Continue reading

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Of missiles, the three little pigs and the future of higher education (#CFHE12)

“… we no longer possess a home; we are repeatedly called upon to build and then rebuild one, like the three little pigs of the fairy tale, or we have to carry it along with us on our backs like … Continue reading

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Unfit for purpose – adapting to an open, digital and mobile world (#oped12) (#CFHE12)

How important is it for a higher distance education institution to ‘fit’ into its local context? Is fitting into a local context more important than fitting into a global context? What happens when a higher distance education institution loses its … Continue reading

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Is the future of higher and distance education asynchronous, open and just-in-time (#oped12)?

Just in case, just in time, just enough, just for me… What do these say about our degree structures, the time (and resources) our students need to complete full qualifications designed in a bygone era and where the reality of … Continue reading

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