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Failing our students: not noticing the traces they leave behind

Image credit: https://pixabay.com/p-366446/?no_redirect Last week on 1 November, Jesse Stommel hosted a panel discussion on Ethical online learning  – which stayed with me and haunted me since I’ve watched it. Somehow this morning as I was writing this blog, some … Continue reading

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Seeing Jesus in toast: Irreverent ideas on some of the claims pertaining to learning analytics

“In 2004 Diane Duyser sold a decade-old grilled cheese sandwich that bore a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary. She got $28,000 for it on eBay” (Matter, 2014), and in 2009 Linda Lowe found an image of Jesus staring at … Continue reading

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Kangaroo courts on student success in distance education

It is that time of the year again when students’ examination results are scrutinized and various investigations held to determine not necessarily why students failed, but more importantly, who can we held accountable for the state of affairs. Mostly, (however … Continue reading

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Is the future of higher and distance education asynchronous, open and just-in-time (#oped12)?

Just in case, just in time, just enough, just for me… What do these say about our degree structures, the time (and resources) our students need to complete full qualifications designed in a bygone era and where the reality of … Continue reading

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“Killer courses” in distance education (#OMDE)

Studying through distance education (DE) is, for many students, like entering a minefield. Whether it is studying on their own, or encountering unexpected difficulties in courses or balancing work, studies and personal lives, DE remains a challenge for most students. … Continue reading

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The question of “fit” in distance education (#OMDE)

Most higher education institutions have elaborate admission requirements aimed to ensure, inter alia, that only the most worthy students get the opportunity to enrol. Distance education (DE) has, since its early days, boasted that it provides educational opportunities for those … Continue reading

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Of rainforests, Ferraris and open distance learning (#change11)

[Ferrari image retrieved from http://automotivecarnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Ferrari-F430.jpg, 18 January 2012 and the rainforest image retrieved from http://www.squidoo.com/save-amazon-river-wildlife-and-conserve-rainforest-amazon-animals-plants, 18 January 2012] In this week’s change.mooc.ca, David Snowden is our host and provocateur and what a privilege it is to engage with his work. … Continue reading

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