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Of bow ties and MOOCs: a personal reflection (#change11)

This reflection is a strange bricolage of two non-related issues: learning to tie a bow tie (as a 53-year old) and reflecting on my experience of a Massive Open Online Course, MOOC). I did not grow up with bow ties. … Continue reading

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Adjacent chaos/anarchy/growth/domination/futures #change11

In this week’s blog, Jon Dron explores the nature of technologies (#change11). He starts with an interesting (and crucial) definition: “All technologies are assemblies that orchestrate phenomena to some purpose (Arthur, 2009). They may consist of, use or embody tools … Continue reading

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Learning in an age/time of affluenza? #change11

My first reflection on Erik Duval’s blog posting “Learning in a time of abundance” focused on situating the claim of ‘a time of abundance’ against the background of the state of permanent non-abundance and scarcity that large numbers of people … Continue reading

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Learning in an age/time of abundance #change11: A view from the South

In reading Erik Duval’s blog posting “Learning in a time of abundance”, I was immediately aware of how some elements in his blog confirmed what I experience as a privileged white employed male with a good medical aid, living in … Continue reading

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A tentative socio-critical exploration of rhizomatic education (#change11)

In an essay on rhizomatic education, Dave Cormier proposes the following: “In the rhizomatic model of learning, curriculum is not driven by predefined inputs from experts; it is constructed and negotiated in real time by the contributions of those engaged … Continue reading

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