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Book review: The Internet is not the answer (Andrew Keen, 2015)

There are too many examples to mention where the Internet and access to the Internet is lauded (sold?) as the answer. Recent examples include Facebook’s scheme to provide access to some services in India, of course through Facebook as platform. … Continue reading

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Resisting techno-solutionism, resisting the Pied Piper, reclaiming the story: A personal reflection on Audrey Watter’s keynote at ICDE2015

Listening to Audrey Watters at the recently held ICDE2015 in which she provided a radical and critical interrogation of the Silicon Valley narrative, I could not help but think about the legend/myth of the Pied Piper. It is said that … Continue reading

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Tensions and tipping points in higher and distance education

The use of a particular set of metaphors or expressions during the First Unisa International ODL conference hosted 5-7 September 2012, prompted me to think about organisational change in higher and distance education. Though it is possible that other metaphors … Continue reading

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Inequality kills – the future of online learning in distance education

On Friday, 24 August 2012, Tanya Gold posted a piece in The Guardian relating to the denial of class in British society starting with the words “Inequality kills.” In the article, Gold (2012) reflects on the increasing inequality in British … Continue reading

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Romanticizing the past in higher and distance education

How we miss the time when academics were ‘real’ professors, students could read and write, academics had academic freedom, Faculty had more staff than the administrative sections of the university, academics could teach what they wanted, higher education was a … Continue reading

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Independent learning: myth or prerequisite? (#OMDE)

Learners as independent and autonomous agents sound a bit like we require them to be like the Lone Ranger (without Tonto), or possibly resemble Don Quixote chasing after windmills in the company of a co-opted Sancho Panza? Are the notions … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Reflections on the way we describe our teaching… (#OMDE601)

[Image retrieved from http://news.howzit.msn.com/quotes-of-the-week-may-11?page=13, 28 May 2012] In the beginning there was … correspondence education, then distance education(DE), then open distance learning (ODL), then open distance and e-learning (ODeL), then bring-your-own-device (BYOD) learning, then flipped classrooms … – and so … Continue reading

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Change in distance education: Burning platforms or burning Rome?(#OMDE601)

[Images retrieved from http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article23541.html and http://www.youtube.com/channel/fK6RK4HFxJGXX1LxHHaH6w, 4 June 2012] The notion of a ‘burning platform’ is the latest addition to ‘management speak’ in higher education and my immediate context as an open distance learning (ODL) institution is no exception.  This term joins … Continue reading

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Opening the “black box” of institutional failure to fully embrace the affordances of technology (#change11)

[Image retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/72szj8a, 15 February 2012] In the unfortunate event of a plane crash, almost as important as finding any survivors is the search for the flight recorder or “black box” – which will hopefully provide insight into the … Continue reading

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Confronting the empire: accreditation and validation of research in higher education (#change11)

[Image retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/786af4q, 31 January 2012] While this week is a “break” week in the change mooc, I decided to reflect on the article to which I referred last week – Rhoades, R.A. 2011. The U.S. research university as … Continue reading

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