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The Tower of Babel: MOOCs, Online Learning, and Language…

Machine translation may soon, under certain conditions, make concerns about the role of language in online learning and MOOCs obsolete (e.g., Google’s ‘Babel fish’ heralds future of translation). Though this will solve the issue of translation, it will still not … Continue reading

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Fifty shades of grey in higher and distance education (#oped12)

Not a day goes past without someone, somewhere claiming a new form of higher and distance education whether it is a new type of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), a Little Open Online Course (LOOC) or various degrees of for-profit … Continue reading

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Tensions and tipping points in higher and distance education

The use of a particular set of metaphors or expressions during the First Unisa International ODL conference hosted 5-7 September 2012, prompted me to think about organisational change in higher and distance education. Though it is possible that other metaphors … Continue reading

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The selfish giant and the unlocking of the gates of elitist higher education (#change11)

[Image retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/7kq5lra on 24 January 2012] Engaging with this week’s mooc  reading, “Unlocking the Gates. How and why leading universities are opening up access to their courses” by Taylor Walsh, (in conjunction with Ithaka S+R); left me tossing … Continue reading

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