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Inequality kills – the future of online learning in distance education

On Friday, 24 August 2012, Tanya Gold posted a piece in The Guardian relating to the denial of class in British society starting with the words “Inequality kills.” In the article, Gold (2012) reflects on the increasing inequality in British … Continue reading

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Romanticizing the past in higher and distance education

How we miss the time when academics were ‘real’ professors, students could read and write, academics had academic freedom, Faculty had more staff than the administrative sections of the university, academics could teach what they wanted, higher education was a … Continue reading

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A “dummy’s guide” to crap/power detection in a networked world (#change11)

[Image retrieved from http://blog.theminibrochure.com/  5 January 2012] This week Howard Rheingold got the Change MOOC off to a flying start with his focus on “Net Smart: Introduction to fundamental social media literacies”. Although I could not attend the live sessions … Continue reading

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